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At that point, our diagnostic tests were more worrisome for me than the original problem was. As a Comcast customer I sent five total messages to a Comcast email address supplied by Comcast, and the tech rep told me he didn t get any of them.I asked for follow-up, I noted the service call number. I followed up and called Comcast again. I got no help; their reaction was about as helpful as looking skyward and whistling in feigned innocence. Nowadays, many web mail providers exist such as Hotmail, Comcast, Google, etc because the providers let the internet users choose from many electronic mail options.

And because of this, you often receive emails with random people without your consent called spam. However, you might still receive emails with known email provider, but still, you cannot distinguish the sender. Comcast is an example of a well known provider. Besides the fact that it is the second largest internet provider, it also provides telephone and cable television. If it happens such that you received an email from a sender with its email ending in, but you cannot identify the sender, then you must be very careful about it.

It does not mean that, even though it is a known web mail provider then the message you received is safe. It could still happen to be a kind of spam or a scam. So, the first thing you should do is to not open the email unless you are sure that it is safe. You can then find the true owner of the email address by searching Comcast email directory via reverse email lookup. You simply need to go to a reverse email lookup service and enter in that email to be given a whole range of important information about the real owner.

It is important that you know the provider of the email address, such as Upon knowing website email extractor , you will be able to understand the type of email address you are dealing with. Searching for a Comcast email directory among other kinds of email addresses is made possible by reverse email lookup. If you are going to use this, it will be able to show you the first and last names of millions of various email address owners, their location which is highly important and a range of other information you can use to identify the owner and if the email is really safe or not.